Allama Aijaz Farruq, A scholar, writer, orator, historian, and a geologist in a multi dimensional personality. He was born on 16th March 1943, in Hyderabad, India. As a man he combines a fine sensitivity of mind with a rare delicacy of feelings with large and generous impulses. He breathed in the culturally enriched Hyderabad.The British cantonment surrounding the city, the etiquettes and traditions of royal palaces, the intoxicating lazy breeze and the fairy nights of Hyderabad.In a very young age he learnt the good and bad, ill and healthy norms of the society. He attracted and repelled to his choice. He appears to be very hard rigid, non-compromising in principles. Simultaneously he is very soft and tender and polite in behavior.He has profound affection for his friends but respect his opponents and enemies.He belonged to an average noble family with less ambitions and more human values His father was a learned scholar and was rich in literatures of different languages. Allama being his first son, he has left no room in the brought up of his child. He was a liberal father of his son to choose the career but mildly influenced him to begin his career by joining the Indian Armed Forces to become more disciplined, secular and an enlightened person.

Aijaz Farruq has joined the Indian Air Force soon after his pre university course in the age of 17 and served the nation in uniform for 9 years in the field of aeronautics. He became a perfect uniformed person but the hidden artist inside dreamed about beauty, colors, music, nature, reality of life and the human values. He adopted the field of geodesy as his profession while he went on studying the history, philosophy, literature, religions, art and culture. The extensive tours and travel enriched him with the knowledge. The interaction with people of different nation caste and communities, race and color, religion and faith enlightened his diverse personality. His research work, creative writings, speeches and books are broadly popular. A title of ALLAMA was bestowed to him .Now he is well renowned as ALLAMA than his full name.